Splicing without a needle: tutorial

Splicing without a needle

To begin, as per the title, this video tutorial shows an ultra-practical and simple technique to splice a hollow braid without a needle. Adhesive tape is all you need to save the day, if you have forgotten your splicing kit. With her deep, smooth and sensual voice (a hiring requirement at Ino-Rope), our “female splicer” Camille, explains everything!

Splice: when “scotch” tape replaces the needle!

Splicing without a needle consists in using the rope, which is inserted into the braid like a needle – quite simply! In order to do this, Camille wraps the end with adhesive tape to make the rope stiff. That is why, it is essential to note that the “adhesive-tape needle” must be as fine and smooth as possible, in order to be fed into the braid without hooking onto the plaits. Camille splices in front of you to guide you!

The advantages of this video tutorial on splicing without a needle:

To sum up: the adhesive tape technique enables:

On the one hand, splicing when there is no needle around.

On the other hand, splicing on a “tightly braided” rope when it is not possible to use a hollow fid or a long eye needle.


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