Bowline knot

Learn all the essential bowline knot secrets with Jean Le Cam, David Raison, Nikki Curven, Jonas Gerckens, Marie Riou. And as a bonus, the new “Sylvain” knot, an excellent alternative to the bowline knot, presented by Julien Barnet.

Did you know that there was more than one way to tie a bowline knot? It is not about impressing your dock mates, but about choosing the best way to tie it, in relation to the situation (only one free hand, tension in the rope…) that was not your choice! In this tutorial and user-friendly video, five skippers and a rigger explain how to tie a traditional bowline knot, a collar bowline, an “English style” bowline, a “one-handed” bowline, a “Sylvain” knot (a hybrid between a bowline knot and a sheet bend knot) and finally the safety bowline knot. Your turn to tie the knot!

The Bowline Knot: The pro demo

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