Making a constrictor termination

How can you make a constrictor termination?

Whipping is not the only solution for ending a rope. Simple and faster to accomplish, the “constrictor termination” is also very solid. Its other advantage is that it does not get stuck in clutches, cleats or blocks. It is also very aesthetic!Julien explains smoothly how to proceed with this.

The constrictor knot on the cover is the best termination method if one does not need to fix a messenger line at the end of the rope. This is the perfect compromise between quick execution, discretion and grip. Moreover, it takes exactly a minute to cut a full centimetre from the core. And then, to make the knot on the cover that is burned in order to seal it behind the knot. In brief, it requires no specific skills or tooling (two hands, some whipping twine and a lighter). Moreover, another advantage of this method is that it leaves the core free inside the cover. If the core and the cover are tied together, the cover slack cannot be reabsorbed and a bulge forms at the end of the rope.                                                 

The comparative tutorial for Constrictor vs Whipping terminations

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