How to make a short and robust strop ?

When you want to make a short Dyneema® braided strop, to fix a mainsail block and tackle, for example, you could be inclined to shorten the spliced length. A very bad idea because splices could slip! Nevertheless, there is a simple solution for making a short but resistant strop. By the way, the answer is here…

First of all, what could be better than a case study to understand the problem? So, here is the one suggested by Julien Barnet, splicing professor at Concarneau university:”I have a 45-footer and need to make a 60 cm Dyneema® strop for my mainsail block and tackle, that can bear 6 tons. With an 8 mm braid, it does not work, because the spliced length should be 80 cm, which is longer than the strop needed”. So, what is the solution to make a short strop with robust splices long enough for the constriction effect to be efficient? If you give up, click on the video!

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