Make a double-braid splice (Dyneema® core)

Here is a tutorial about the basics of modern splicing. The double-braid splice Dyneema (core + cover): this splice in made on a rope made of a Dyneema® core and a Polyester cover. The double-braid splice is called that way because it concern ropes with covers, composed of a braided core and also a braided cover.

We would like to draw your attention to the materials used: if your rope is only made of Polyester, the construction technique differs a little but you can follow the tutorial on this type of rope here: Making a Polyester double-braid splice.

The double braided splice is not very difficult to make, but still requires precision. Some details like the “shifting of the cover” must not be neglected, at the risk of not being able to close the spliced eye. There are also traps to avoid, like splicing an eye that is too small because it would shrink. Don’t waste your time stitching the eye because the double braided splice is “self-locking”: the tautness increases with the tension applied to the rope. So, be a good student and don’t hesitate to watch the video several times in order to assimilate it well. All in all, one never tires of classics!

A tried-and-tested splice

A self locked splice

A splice suitable for Dyneema rope only

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