How do you make a textile shackle?

The textile shackle is the star of modern splicing. Effectively ,as it is very light and robust, it has overtaken its stainless steel cousin for fixing blocks, sheets, halyards, etc.

 However, numerous versions are available on the market today. In short, we provide a tried and approved classic version here.Besides, the first video explains how to make a textile shackle; that is to say, a simple braid splice whose two strands are used to make a diamond knot, which forms the stopper, enabling the loop to be closed. Finally, those who have difficulty mastering this knot will also find the necessary details in the second video. To conclude, please note that appropriate balancing and tightening of the diamond knot are essential in order to guarantee the shackle’s robustness. To sum up: remember to use a coated Dyneema® rope, easier to splice (better holding between fibres), and longer lifespan (chafe and UV resistance).

Tutorial on the textile shackle with Dyneema® core

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A light, strong and practical textile hook

Seamanship is easy to do

Not to be used above 5 t workload.

​The Diamond knot (stopper-knot for textile shackle) tutorial

The Diamond knot (stopper-knot for textile shackle) tutorial

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