Splice: The messenger trick

To sum up, in this tutorial, Julien Barnet reveals a foolproof technique to splice a messenger line onto a rope that is hard to work on. When the hollow fid and even the long eye splicing needle cannot be fed through (very fine braid, tight cover), he uses a finer messenger line that will slide easily into the rope. Savvy stuff up there!

Here is a classical splicing situation (warning, please note that some scenes contain elements that may offend or affect younger or sensitive viewers):

  • First, I begin my splice feeling relaxed, and whistling a popular Johnny Hallyday jazz tune.
  • Yet, I know that the task won’t be easy because the cover is very tight and/or the rope is very thin.
  • Then, what was bound to occur happens: the needle gets stuck.
  • I pretend to ignore the problem and try to resort to force (who is the boss?).
  • In the end, I’m offended and afflict the guilty party (the rope or anyone passing by) with a heap of insults.
  • After that, I head to the fridge with determination, and grab both a beer and an organic fruit juice to calm my nerves and quench my thirst.
  • After this vitamin boost, I remember that Ino-Rope published video tutorials on splicing and so I switch on my computer.
  • I was amazed to discover a simple and very well explained solution to my problem. In conclusion, all you need is a messenger line instead of a needle to make my splice.

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