Buyer’s guide: Ready-to-use spliced ropes

Replacing a rope means choosing the right materials, the right finishes and the right length (etc. ) and finding your way through the wide range of products available. Ino-Rope makes online shopping simple and secure by providing a catalogue of ready-to-use spliced ropes.

1. Find the rope to suit your needs in just a few clicks

As a creator of products and solutions based on high-tech textile fibres, Ino-Rope puts its expertise at your service by offering an online purchasing service for ready-to-use spliced ropes for all types of navigation programmes: cruising, offshore cruising, regatta and offshore racing Divided into six categories (halyards, sheets, various control lines, standing rigging, safety and mooring lines), the Ino-Rope catalogue of ready-to-use spliced ropes allows you to rig your entire boat, including dinghies, racing boats and all types of sailing and motor cruisers. Do you need to replace a rope quickly, while being sure to make the right choice? Not a fan of splicing-knitting by the fire? No problem! According to your sailing programme and the type of rope required (genoa halyard, spinnaker vang, furling line, mainsheet, cord, etc.), Ino-Rope can provide at least one or two products to suit your needs. Once the product has been chosen, select the diameter *, length **, colour and type of fastening (textile shackle, stainless steel shackle or no attachment) required.

2. Receive it within a couple of days and install it in a few minutes

All you have to do then is pay for your basket and wait a few days to receive your order (short delivery times guaranteed). All ropes are rigged as standard with a spliced eye at the top end termination and a messenger-line loop (for halyards) or constrictor (for sheets) at the bottom end termination. When you receive them, they are ready to use, i.e. you don’t need to do any ropework to rig them (the spliced eye allows you to attach the halyard directly to the sail with a shackle or a lashing, for example; the halyards can be easily passed through the mast and the halyard stoppers by using the messenger-line-termination).

3. Exchange it if you are not satisfied!

And as error is human, if you made a mistake when you ordered, or if the rope you bought does not correspond to your needs (the green colour does not enhance your skin tone for example), don’t panic, you can return it to us for an exchange! Isn’t life great?

* Check the diameter of the ropes already in place or look at the characteristics of the fittings (clutches, blocks, winches etc.). ).
** From some parameters (specified in the owner’s manual of your boat)

Six good reasons to purchase a ready-to-use spliced rope online:

replace any type of rope no matter the boat or your sailing programme

equip your boat with products designed by our experts for an excellent quality/price ratio

make your choice in a few clicks without torturing your brain

receive your rope in a few days and rig it on board immediately

exchange the product if it does not suit your needs

do the satisfied customer dance!

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