Une bannière lancement nouveauté 2019 ino padeye

Finally, the Ino-Padeye is available online!

At the end of last year, the Ino-Padeye, our latest innovation designed in collaboration with VMG Yacht Design, received a special mention from the DAME Design Awards during the METSTRADE professional boatshow, in the Netherlands. We are proud to inform you that this new product is finally on the market and available in our online store !

What are the DAME Design Awards?

The Ino-Padeye participated in the most prestigious nautical equipment contest in the world. Indeed, it was assessed by a panel of renowned naval architects, as well as by expert users. It is also noteworthy that only two French companies, including Ino-Rope with its Ino-Padeye, were finalists. Hooray! Moreover, at the end of the contest, our padeye was awarded the honourable “special distinction” for its conception and design.

Spotlight on the Ino-Padeye :

After collaborating with the VMG Yacht Design Swiss architectural firm for the screw-on low friction ring, we decided to seek their expertise for the Ino-Padeye. We wanted to produce a padeye with a refined and elegant design. Also, we wished to offer a padeye that was easy to install and safer on decks (notably for those who sail barefoot!). Thanks to VMG Yacht Design’s expertise combined with our knowledge of modern ropes, we conceived a product that is both innovative and aesthetic. The Ino-Padeye was designed to be used with modern textiles. Effectively, it is not cumbersome thanks to its flat head and is easy to fit no matter the support’s thickness. Effectively, it does not require screws or extra nuts. Consequently, it can be fitted without a counter-plate or having to increase thickness.

Une photo d'une padeye textile by Ino-Rope dans la catégorie accastillage by Ino-Rope

The Ino-Padeye is fully machined and made of high-quality anodised aluminium. Waterproof, of course, it is easy to install thanks to its innovative reversible nuts. No need to adjust the length of screws. Indeed, this is a feature that professional users, shipyards or boat builders will appreciate. In addition, with less finishing details and accessories (screws, nuts, washers, protection, etc.), the Ino-Padeye enhances the aesthetic aspect.

Illustration technique de l'Ino-Padeye

What can I use it for?

It is perfect for mast-foot blocks, spinnaker sheets, runners, releasable stays, 3D sheet systems, multi-hull trampolines, but also for textile standing rigging. It can be used on decks or spars. The Ino-Padeye is the missing link between textile connectors and fixed points on board: used with a lashing, textile shackle or loop on decks or masts. The Ino-Padeye is available in three different sizes that support a working load from 800 to 3000 kg (maximum working load). Click here to discover the Ino-Padeye, available in our online store !

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