The messenger line termination | Roperwork tutorial

Mastering ropework enables you to make full use of the rope during navigation, but also ashore during wintering operations. The messenger line termination was specifically conceived for this purpose or to simplify the installation of a new rope on board. It consists in making a loop at the end of the rope with the cover, in order to tie a messenger. It is a simple but very reliable solution for winterizing halyards (or other control lines) safely, without the risk of losing them in the mast (or boom) because the messenger has been broken. If you have ever experienced the latter (ever so annoying!), this tutorial is especially made for you!

The messenger line termination is also very practical when running a rope through a blocker, for example. We will show you the procedure in the second video. This type of work requires a few skills, so you might as well acquire them!

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