Dyneema, tell me what you are!

Like “Kleenex, Scotch or Frigidaire”, Dyneema is a commercial brand name, a pretty little name, much sexier than “high modulus polyethylene”, the petroleum that it refers to. Dyneema has been commercialized since 1990 by the Dutch company DSM, which controls the fabrication process under license. In the United States, high modulus polyethylene is better known as Spectra®, a competitive fibre launched in 1983 by Allied Signal, which then became Honeywell. There are other less well-known ones with similar properties.

High modulus polyethylene is a highly resistant fibre (its breaking load is much higher than that of many fibres of equal mass). It is relatively insensitive to UVs, abrasion, strong bending radii and acidic environments. Its main weakness is its sensitivity to high temperatures.

But the quality of its fibre is not all. The processes applied by ropemakers during the fabrication of the rope (braiding, coating, pre-stretching, etc.) also affect the properties of the finished product. In other words, today there is a wide range of Dyneema fibres, and we will not bore you with long abbreviations (UHMPE, UHMWPE, UHMWP, UHMW, HMPE), or with a bunch of Dyneema braid manufacturers. There is enough to get your plaits in a muddle, if you are not a professional!

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