How to choose the right rope for splicing

Choosing your rope

Before getting into expert splicing, first learn to identify the ropes that can be spliced. Rope structure, core treatment, cover expansion. This easy as pie tutorial goes over splicing basics in order to choose the right rope.

Suitable rope

So, you have bought the essential Ino-Rope splicing kit, and you have finally watched the super video tutorials to learn how to make lashings, locked-splices, double-braid splices, stitches, etc. Congratulations! But, it is true that the best tools and advice are not enough. Sure enough, you won’t be able to do good work if you don’t know how to choose the right rope. Moreover, if you are an apprentice splicer, don’t start of on the wrong foot. Indeed, some ropes are “unusable”. Others are “usable” but hard to work on. To sum up, Julien Barnet gives you three tips to choose the right rope and start successfully: On your needles, ready, steady, go!

EDITOR’s NOTE: drunk splicing is severely punished by law.

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