Rope purchase guide : Choose your rope

Buying guide: choose your rope by the cut

As a creator of products and solutions from high-tech textile fibres, Ino-Rope is not a BBB (“beast of a shop”). Our
team has drawn on its expertise in seamanship to select the best products from the plethora of ropes available on the market.
available on the market, the best products according to different criteria (performance, quality/price ratio, longevity etc.).

To guarantee you the best service, all the reels are subject to a strict and merciless quality control. Please note that our tips have
Note that our ropes are also seaworthy: a rope must meet a certain number of technical criteria in order to be seaworthy!

> Click on the thumbnails to access the complete sheets and add them to your basket!

Want to go further?

Consult our “Which fibre for which use?

Choosing the right fibre for your intended use will ensure the performance, durability and reliability of your ends. Ino-Rope has compiled a comparison of the different types of fibre to guide you in your choice.

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